Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I turned 40 yesterday. 

Husband and I celebrated a few days prior - it was lovely. We hit three different spots for pre dinner drinks, dinner and dessert and in between dinner and dessert, we got partially undressed and took a dip in the pitch black waters of Lake Michigan.  

We crazy like that.

Yesterday, was much more pragmatic, but still really lovely. After I dropped the kids to school, I met with a colleague to rough out a budget for a new client. Then I went to the dentist. 

I'm sure that sounds like a perfectly awful way to spend your 40th birthday: working on a budget and then getting in the dentist's chair. Truth be told, I like the colleague and I like the process, so the work didn't bug me. And while the dentist wasn't planned, it all worked out.

Daughter's Poem.
The rest of the day was spent not working and allowing my family to do shit for me. They grilled dinner, which we ate in the yard and they gave me presents: The Hidden Messages in Water, by Masaru Emoto and Bossypants, by Tina Fey.  Each kid made me a card that was heavy with glitter. My daughter wrote me a poem that brought me to a teary silence. In between courses and presents, I moved laundry from the washer to the dryer.

I fell asleep by 9 pm and woke up at 5:45 this morning to go to Day 1 of a two-day ideation gig.

Our 1st tomato.  I ate it.
It felt great to give myself the night off and to be very in the moment with my family, in our yard where we've worked every weekend for the past 4 or 5 weeks. 

I'm awfully lucky to be where I am, surrounded by more uplifting people than lower frequency/higher toxicity ones.  

Forty is just fine.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like a nice relaxing one!

  2. I picture Lake Michigan as a place with like, icebergs and shit - you're braver than I am.

    I'm with you on the "Forty is fine" bandwagon - at least for now. It's early in the decade, and I'm approaching it with a glass-half-empty attitude.

    Happy Belated!

    Now get some shoes on and hit the road! You're in the "Masters" age group now - nothing but PR's and smooth sailing!

    1. I think your perception of Lake Michigan is much like mine of Canada and moose! The Lake can be great during the summer -- a beautiful 74 degrees one day, and then a weird wind comes thru and it can drop to 62 overnight!