Monday, June 11, 2012

Now I'm Starting to Miss Running

On Friday, after a deliriously great meeting with a new client, I offered to pick Husband up from school.  I was bouncing off the walls and it was his last day before summer break -- it seemed like a good idea to pick him up instead of waiting for him to take the train home.

I took Sheridan Road north to get him. Sheridan Road is where I did all of my training runs for my marathon.

I can't go back to a normal, white shoe.
And then it hit me quite suddenly: Shit. I miss running. 

Truth be told, after the marathon was over,  I was wiped out. Not just from the 26.2 miles of continuous moving, but from the 18+ weeks of training: that was exhausting. And just as I was crossing the finish line, new opportunities to work started to present themselves. I'd be a liar if I didn't admit that I was happy to skip a workout in lieu of working on a marketing plan. 

But on Friday, it hit me. And once Husband was in the car, and after we had gotten a soft-serve cone from DQ, we talked a bit about everything that has happened in the past few weeks. Husband is very supportive of my work -- even if I'm preoccupied with something for a client, I'm preoccupied with a smile on my face: He can see how happy working makes me. 

He advised me to not give up the things I love, which include running and blogging. He told me I need to schedule time to make them happen. 

I imagine he's right.

I haven't knit in awhile either. As far as relaxing hobbies go, I've been leaning on gardening and baking. In fact, I am woefully off course from my 2012 Goals post. I'm almost too freaked out to go back and see what I said I'd do. And must I backtrack now? I had no idea in late December that my career was going to get a major bump.  But it did. And here I am. 

At this point in time, I could walk out of my house and buy a pair of new running shoes without worrying about how much they cost. I can sign up for races without feeling guilty about spending $90 on an event.  Blogging is free and therapeutic. I can probably clear out a little bit of the noise if I blog before I work on a plan or an activity report.

I've gotta hit the pavement again.


  1. Running has missed you too. You really do need to make time for you and the activities that relax you. AND you need to accept that those activities may change over time. Congrats on all the goodness that you put into the universe coming back to you. Because that IS what is happening!

  2. no time like now to sign up for the race against hate ....... :)

  3. Listen to your shoes...they are calling out to you...

    I'm still at that retarded point where I feel like running if I see anyone else running..even if I've already ran that day. How sad is that?

    I just did a 5 mile Fartlek run before work, and I know the minute I see someone out running on my way home, I'm going to have that impulse to strap on the shoes again.

    Come back to running - it's where all the fun, crazy people are!