Monday, July 23, 2012

Focus on the Healing

I have a lot to get done today. I'm trying to take close to a two-week vacation one week from tomorrow and I have a LOT to accomplish today. 

And I can't focus.

It's tough to focus when you manage social media accounts for a few clients and you're seeing a shit-ton of 'insight' about gun laws, Penn State University, the NCAA and by and large, retribution.  Who deserves what. Who had it coming. Who should be punished. How it should be moving forward. 

It's really tough when you are a Penn State alum.

Honestly, I think everyone is completely off track, here. 

Our world is sick. And sad. And miserable. And the misery pours out in inexplicable violence on innocent people. I don't think the pills are working.

I guess we can busy ourselves with who did or didn't say certain things. Or who is or isn't going to jail for it. Or how we'll do the best we can with crisis management until someone else fucks up and the focus is elsewhere.

At the end of the day, I think it still comes down to lonely, unhappy, grieving people who act on impulses a lot of us can't fathom. 

It's not all about who has the right to carry a gun. Or about institutions not doing the right thing. Those are big fucking parts of it, for sure, but at the absolute root: a growing part of our society is lost. 

Snarky comments aren't going to fix it. 

I hope that anyone that reads this will think of ways to focus on the healing, instead. It doesn't mean sending a card to the survivors of the Colorado shooting. It doesn't mean burning your PSU shirts to support victims of molestation. 

I'd like anyone reading this to genuinely think about healing. 

Start with yourself. Let it go outward. 

Focus on the healing.


  1. Yet another homerunn here TTT. I try, and do not always succeed, but always try, to remember if I want to exact change in the world, all I can do it control how I behave, how I act, and do the best I can to help my children grow into the same type of human I strive to be. External blame is not a part of it, all Blame does is take focus from being responsible for WHO I AM and HOW I ACT. If we all focused on our actions and how we impact the world, it would be a much nicer place. It is a daily focus to act in this way, and it may never come naturally, but I have to try. A part of that too for me is to understand not everyone gets this. I used to yell and scream and let everything make my blood boil. I still get upset, but am learning that reacting piss and vinegar does no good for ANYONE. Especially me. Acting with kindess in my heart at all times. Striving.