Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's Hot

Chicago is on some kind of hottest-weather-since-this-side-of-Hell week. It's 9:48 pm as I type, and 93 degrees F outside. We reached a high of 104F today, only 1 degree shy of the record temp set back in July 1934.  Tomorrow, it's expected to hit 103F.

I want to stab everything.


  1. It's been hot here too...the weather is wacky!
    I hate the heat :(

  2. I saw on the news this morning that in parts of Chicago, the roads were melting. My first thought was "I hope Triple T has some cold beer" - my second was "Would you shave the cat to help it stay cool or would Boyo freak out?"

    Anyway, we are at our first day of real summertime-hot weather. I haven't wanted to stab anyone yet, but give it time - I'm sure I'll catch up.


  3. The heat is not good. The humidity is unbearable.

    I think the Boy-O would be freaked out, for sure. But I think I'd be even more freaked out ... furless cats are really super freaky.

    Good luck with the Canadian heat. I wonder if it makes the Moose surly (er)? :)